Christopher Malgas

Christopher Malgas joined the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), then called Prison Services of South Africa, in 1977. He started his career in DCS training probational warders. During his time there, he worked as the Head of several units in the Maximum Security facility and the juvenile section. He was also one of the pioneering members of Friends Against Abuse — a counselling body advocating for rape-free incarceration. In 2004, Chris, through Friends Against Abuse, contacted JDI to collaborate in tackling the sexual violence they were witnessing at Pollsmoor Prison. This initial interaction led to JDI’s long-term involvement in South Africa, and to the eventual establishment of JDI-SA. By the end of his 40 years of service with DCS, Chris had become a renowned expert on gangs, and played a key role in the drafting of the DCS Anti-gang Strategy, which he continues to help implement. Chris also works in his community with youth and children in conflict with the law and with behavioural disorders.