Just Detention International-South Africa is a health and human rights organisation that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.


  • JDI-SA Action May 18, 2024

    Take Action to Help Stop Sexual Abuse in Detention

    Join us in calling on Parliament to take steps to ensure the dignity of people in detention.

  • JD-SA Exhibition May 17, 2024

    The Healing Power of Art

    JDI-SA is thrilled to present the “Healing Power of Art”, an exhibition showcasing 30 art pieces by members of the LGBTIQ+ community,

  • JDI-SA Documentary August 29, 2023

    "I Did Not Ask For This"

    The JDI-SA documentary “I did not ask for this” is powerfully narrated by Tsakane Motshweni, a young man who’s story highlights the horror of sexual abuse behind bars as well as the oppressive and inhumane societal forces that are landing people in prison in the first place.

  • New Day Films April 26, 2023

    "Taking Off the Mask" Is Now Streaming

    "Taking Off the Mask," JDI-SA’s documentary about Isak Sass and his story of survival and healing following years of sexual abuse in prison, is available for streaming at New Day Films' website.

  • JDI-SA Film October 17, 2022

    Film: "Vusi: 'I Survived Sexual Abuse in Detention'"

    The film "Vusi: 'I Survived Sexual Abuse in Detention'", which was produced by JDI-SA and The Agenda Network, can be watched for free.