Just Detention International-South Africa is a health and human rights organisation that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention.


  • GroundUp August 30, 2019

    Incarcerated women tell NGO they are desperate for help

    In a new op-ed, Just Detention International-South Africa (JDI-SA) calls for a deeper understanding of, and a better response to, the needs of incarcerated women in South Africa.

  • The Eusebius McKaiser Show July 19, 2019

    A Survivor Tells His Story

    Survivor Isak Sass is a leading voice in the fight to end prisoner rape in South Africa. In this podcast interview, Isak is joined by JDI-SA co-directors Sasha Gear and Prince Nare to talk about their work to ensure the dignity of people in detention, and a new documentary featuring Isak.

  • JDI-SA Events July 18, 2019

    JDI-SA Documentary Launch

    Just Detention International-South Africa (JDI-SA) is premiering “Taking Off the Mask”, a documentary about Isak Sass and his story of survival and healing following years of sexual abuse in prison.

  • Gender Links March 21, 2019

    Prisoner Rape Survivors Deserve Our Support

    JDI-SA Co-Director Prince Nare pens this powerful op-ed on why everyone should care about sexual abuse in prison.

  • JDI-SA Publications May 23, 2018

    Read our latest survivor resource pamphlet

    In partnership with the Wits Justice Project, JDI-SA has put together a pamphlet with information on rape and sexual abuse in remand and correctional facilities.